Individual background White Papers:

  1. 5G Vision. Chair: Dirk Trossen (pdf download)
  2. Software Architectures and Virtualisation. Chair: Artur Azcorra (pdf download)
  3. Mobility/Connectivity and Network Layer.  Chair: Rui L. Aguiar (pdf download)
  4. Wireless and mmBand.  Chair: Emilio Calvanese Strinati (pdf download)
  5. The role of satellites in 5G. Chair: Barry Evans (pdf download)

All above base papers were integrated into the whitepaper. The work on the base- and joint whitepaper was prepared by the experts in the NetWorld2020 Expert Group and SatCOM Working Group.

In September 2014 efforts on preparing another base paper have started: “5G Experimental Facilities in Europe” with Antonio Manzalini and Roberto Verdone as the lead editors. This is still work in progress.

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