Webinar for 5G in SmartManufacturing, 28th January 2021

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Network2020 organized a webinar for 5G in SmartManufacturing on the 28th January 2021. The purpose of this webinar was to present a set of successful use cases (covering Europe and China) and, from that exemplary basis, to reflect on the perceived needs for evolution of 5G technologies for the future of SmartManufacturing in the world.

The webinar was organized for engaging in a bridging activity between the current successes and the perceived future in 5G for SmartManufacturing, This one-day webinar brought speakers from Europe and China, both on the industry and on institutional side, in order to present some guidelines for the needs of 5G R&D for the future.

Agenda (download as pdf)

A short report overview is present here

Overview / Key Challenges for Smart Factory:

Smart Factory – What have we achieved:

Future Requirements – What will need to be done:

How can we progress 5G for SmartManufacturing / Closing Words:


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