Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2022

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On the 13th of December, the NetworldEurope Steering Board approved for publication the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2022. This was the result of a large effort from the Expert Group, with around 200 experts from almost 100 institutions involved. The Steering Board would like to express its thanks to all this large team, and to provide a special mention to the different editors of the document, both global editors, and the chapter technical editors.

This SRIA is divided in two large and related parts. The main body (by simplification referred as “whitepaper”) consists of a simplified, higher level vision of our technological roadmap, with an additional deep section providing simplified metrics tables that identifies reference specifications for technology at different times (referred as nodes) and expected technological features associated with those nodes. A second part, the technical annex, provides a deeper reaching discussion on the technologies we envisage as key for the future, under the overall scope of ICT. The diversity of technological domains represented there, and required for future communication infrastructures, underlines the relevance of these different chapters for many initiatives in European Research, from optics to satellite, and NetworldEurope will be actively engaged in discussing these views with all interested stakeholders in the future. For simplification, in the whitepaper, we provide a summarized version of the technical annex.

You can download the whitepaper here, and the more detailed technical annex here.

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