General Assembly

The General Assembly represents a broad membership from all interested stakeholders in order to take into account in the activities the views and interests of all sector actors and active players. All NetworldEurope members are represented in the General Assembly.  Here you find more info and list of members

Steering Board

The Steering Board is the governing body of NetworldEurope and elected by the General Assembly for a period of 2 calendar years. There are 30 member organisations with voting rights and 5 observers without voting rights. More details…

Executive Group

The Steering Board may delegate organisational issues and daily business tasks to an Executive Group to run the activities between Steering Board meetings. The Executive Group is recruited from amongst the Steering Board organisations.

Working Groups

The Steering Board can establish Working Groups on request of a group of interested organisations or based on a Steering Board decision. Working Groups support the Steering Board by developing position papers in specific areas of interest. Membership in NetworldEurope is prerequisite for the participation in Working Groups. The following Working Groups are active at the moment:


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