The NetworldEurope has currently 979 members (list of members). These are grouped in the following stakeholder groups: “Industry” 144 members, “Research” 320 members, “SME” 363 members, and “Cooperation” 152 members.

Geographic distribution of our members (graphics shows only Europe)

Why to join

NetworldEurope membership gives all member organisations the opportunity to influence the research direction related to future communication systems in the area of mobile and wireless, within Horizon2020 and beyond. Members also benefit from receiving up-to-date information and news on research activities and results, information about opportunities for participation and funding, and information on NetworldEurope publications, consultations, activities and events. Full members have voting rights in the General Assembly. Members also have the opportunity to contribute and provide feedback to the NetworldEurope Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

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NetworldEurope also uses the means of liaisons which can be setup with other initiatives, fora or projects which’ activities are related to NetworldEurope, in cases where this can exploit synergies or yield other mutual benefit. If you are interested in that please contact us.
See the list of current liaisons.

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