New ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG) on Next Generation Protocols (NGP)

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You might be interested in the new ETSI Industry Specification Group ‘Next Generation Protocol’ (ETSI ISG NGP) which was kicked off in London in January 2016.

The TCP/IP protocol suite has undoubtedly enabled the evolution of connected computing and many other developments since its invention during the 1970’s. This ISG aims to gather opinions on how to build on this momentum by evolving communications and networking protocols to provide the scale, security, mobility and ease of deployment required for the connected society of the 21st century.

The purpose of this ISG is to review the landscape of Internet Protocols, identify and document future requirements and trigger coordinated follow up activities. The driving vision is a considerably more efficient Internet that is far more attentive to user demand and responsiveness – whether “the user” is human or millions of things.

More information including an introductory set of slides is available here

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