NetworldEurope has developed a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. This document has already gone through a very extensive internal work, involving two hundred persons. The document is divided in two large and related parts. The main body (by simplification referred as “whitepaper”) consists of a simplified, higher level vision of our technological roadmap, with an additional deep section providing simplified metrics tables that identifies reference specifications for technology at different times (referred as nodes) and expected technological features associated with those nodes. A second part, the technical annex, provides a deeper, far reaching, discussion on the technologies we envisage as key for the future, under the overall scope of ICT.

We are looking for comments from the community in order to provide a consensual final version reflecting in a balanced way the technical views from the community. The document can be downloaded here:
White Paper  Technical Annex

Please provide feedback on the documents until 6 December 2022.


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    System Services and Architectures


    Network and Service Security


    Software Techonologies for Telecommunications


    Radio technology and Signal Processing


    Optical networks


    Non-terrestrial networks and Systems


    Devices and Components


    Future Emerging Technologies


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