The NEM Technology Platform covers all the content domain which need networks so that the content can be delivered to end users (broadcast, unicast, multicast). NetWorld2020 in turn covers all the future internet domain (wired and wireless) which need content to be filled. Thus, there is a need to understand each others in order to setup consistent agendas.

In order to progress on above challenge the NetWorld2020 SB has agreed in its meeting in March 2014 to setup this Working Group with joint and balanced participation from NEM and NetWorld2020 ETPs.


  • The working group has the objective to push requirements from content & media domain in order to influence Network and service research (usage push) but also should have to share network and service innovation (techno push) that could offer new possibilities to content providers and creative industries.
  • The working group should also address the Networked Media value chain and corresponding business models.

Pierre-Yves Danet from Orange is the Chairman of this Working Group.

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