Date: 29 October 2013

Location: Bedford Hotel, 135-137 rue du Midi, Brussels, Belgium

Agenda: (download in pdf format)

Steering Board candidates are available here (members only)

Details of the election and voting procedure (download in pdf format)

The NetWorks GA 2013 and NetWorld2020 Launch Event will take place in Brussels on 29 October 2013.

This event will provide several changes regarding the future work of Net!Works. In preparation of Horizon 2020, and based on an initiative of the European Commission, Net!Works has been in discussion with other ETPs in the ICT domain to change the ETP landscape in order to adapt to Horizon 2020.

Resulting from these discussions, Net!Works and ISI Steering Boards have agreed to propose a merger of the two ETPs, and both ETPs will ask their members to approve that.

In addition, Net!Works is contributing to the proposed launch of a Public-Private-Partnership on 5G Infrastructure in Horizon 2020, which is intended to be linked to the new ETP that resulted from the Net!Works – ISI merger.

The Steering Board of the new ETP will also be elected at the event (see: How to candidate for the SB). The organisations in the new Steering Board will automatically become members of the 5G PPP Association, which will sign the PPP contract with the EU Commission. Therefore, the Net!Works Event 2013 will be an essential milestone for the implementation of the 5G PPP in Horizon 2020 and we would encourage participation from all members at the event in order to participate actively in shaping the research environment in Horizon 2020 for the time period 2014 to 2020. We have to make important decisions on respective changes in the ETP and the election of a new Steering Board, which will represent the community towards the Commission also in the PPP.

The agenda of the event has been designed in order to inform about and to implement these changes.

A number of presentations in a technical session will also look into 5G infrastructure technologies, and present the view on 5G systems from the viewpoint of several stakeholders.

The event will be an ideal place for influencing the future research environment in the coming years, getting first-hand information and networking opportunities e.g. for the preparation of new research consortia for upcoming Calls for Proposals.

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