NetWorld2020 General Assembly, 25 October 2017, Lisbon

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The NetWorld2020 General Assembly 2017 took place in Lisbon on 25 October 2017

The GA was hosted by ISCTE, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa.

The agenda for the meeting has been the following:

1) Opening of the meeting and review of the agenda (Rui Aguiar)
2) Review of minutes and Action points of previous meeting (Uwe Herzog)
3) Membership issues (Uwe Herzog)
4) Report on Relationship with 5G IA (and discussion) (Rui Aguiar, all)
5) Report on group status and future evolutions
5.1 SATcom WG (Elisabeth Weller)
5.2 SME WG (Uwe Herzog on behalf of Jacques Magen)
5.3 Expert Group (Rui Aguiar on behalf of Arturo Azcorra)
6) EC presentation of the work programme 2018-20 (Remy Bayou)
7) New activities (white papers, community mobilization, deadlines) (Rui Aguiar)
8) Future branding of Networld2020 (image, naming, etc.) (Rui Aguiar, all)
9) Meeting plan in 2017/18 (Rui Aguiar, Uwe Herzog)
10) AoB

Minutes of the GA have been prepared and these are available for download for NetWorld2020 members.
All presentations are also available for NetWorld2020 members (download link)

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