NetWorld2020 General Assembly, 16 November 2020

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The Networld2020 General Assembly took place 16th November 2020 as a virtual meeting. The agenda included a presentation from EC and another from the 5G IA, besides a short presentation on the SRIA we developed inside Networld2020. The target was to provide a preview of what we can expect for the next years in terms of R&D in our area inside Horizon Europe. In the final session, we presented some of the challenges we will be facing in the next months, and to which we will need to find proper responses, including “updating” our name, an issue that has been put to vote.

This event was open to all NetWorld2020 members.

Presentations made at the General Assembly:

Agenda and Overview of the activities of the last year, Rui Aguiar

SME WG Activities and Achievements, Jacques Magen

Expert Group Activities, Ari Pouttu

Summary of the SatCom WG, Tomaso de Cola

Enabling Technologies for Future Vertical Ecosystem Transformation, Maziar Nekovee

SRIA: a technical blueprint for EC research, Ari Pouttu

5G‐PPP achievements in H2020, Colin Willcock (5G IA)

Smart Networkd and Services Partnership, Bernard Barani (EC)

Steering Board elections and announcement of elected organisations, Uwe Herzog

Smart Networks and Services Partnership – Overview, Werner Mohr

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