NetWorld2020 GA 2014: Presentations

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NetWorld2020 GA 2014: The future of telecommunication networks

3 December 2014, Bedford Hotel, Rue Du Midi 135, Brussels, 1000, Belgium

Opening session – plenary I
Plenary session II
Parallel session 1a: Requirements from vertical sectors on 5G systems – experiences gained from experimentation in the FI-PPP
  1. The Future Manufacturing Services Challenge for 5G MTC Evolution: Towards Seamless Cyber-Physical Production Systems, Oscar Lázaro, FITMAN project technical coordinator, Innovalia
  2. Business Collaboration in agri-food chains – added value features from farm to fork and role of future telecommunication as key enabler, Harald Sundmaeker, FIspace coordinator, ATB
  3. How to leverage the XIFI experience to build an industry driven 5G testing framework, Maurizio Cecchi, XIFI project coordinator, Telecom Italia
  4. Short reminder on plans and visions for 5G systems (to inspire and trigger the discussion), Jean-Sébastien Bedo, Orange
  5. Panel discussion, chaired by Giovanni E. Corazza, University of Bologna, with all speakers and audience to participate
 Parallel session 1b: From “Signal Strength” and unpredictable QoE to “Service Level” and customer
  1. Why you should care about Future Service Level Indicators, Håkon Lønsethagen, Telenor research
  2. Towards efficient context-aware user-centric media delivery with service guarantees, Filip De Turck, iMinds
  3. Modeling QoE All The Way From The Signal To The User, Markus Fiedler, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola
 Parallel session 2a:Testbeds, experiments, demonstrations in 5G PPP
  1. 5G IC, Prof. Rahim Tafazolli, University of Surrey
  2. 5G @ EIT ICT Labs, Henrik Abramowicz, Ericsson
  3. 5G Berlin, Thomas Haustein, HHI Fraunhofer
  4. 5G Munich, Egon Schulz/Joseph Eichinger, Huawei
  5. 5G Oulu, Aki P. Korvala, NSN – FI/Oulu
 Parallel session 2b: Challenges towards trusting the network and the Cloud
  1. Why different? Trust in networks vs. other systems, Prof. Rui Aguiar, IT Aveiro
  2. How to increase trust in the cloud, Volkmar Lotz, SAP (Slides not provided by the presenter)
  3. Can the EU legal framework promote trust?, Dr. Jörg Hladjk, LL.M., Hunton & Williams (Slides not provided by the presenter)
 Closing session – plenary III
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