NetWorld2020 Event 2014, Brussels, 3 December 2014

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The NetWorld2020 Annual Event 2014 took place in Brussels on 3 December 2014. This year’s event theme was “The future of telecommunication networks”. Being at the phase where the first large set of projects of the 5G PPP initiative are being prepared, the event addressed some of the related aspects but went beyond, aiming to look at a more comprehensive picture going beyond 5G. Requirements and views on future telecommunication systems were therefore presented by a set of distinguished keynote speakers from various domains and regions of the world. The event also presented news regarding 5G-PPP, its planned working mode once the first projects have been started in 2015, but also, looking further into the future, presenting the priorities of the 5G PPP Association for the Horizon2020 Workprogramme 2016-17.
Four parallel sessions were organised on selected topics where key experts presented their view. These sessions were intended to stimulate discussion. The results from these discussions are planned to feed back into the work of the NetWorld2020 Expert group’s work and the 2016-17 Workprogramme.

Date and time: 3 December 2014, 09:00 – 17:00

VenueBedford Hotel, Rue Du Midi 135, Brussels, Belgium

Agenda: NetWorld2020 GA – Agenda

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