NetWorld2020 Annual Event and GA 2016

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The NetWorld2020 Annual Event and GA 2016 took place in Brussels on 19 April 2016 to which all members were cordially invited.

Many of the activities of NetWorld2020 in the recent years have been towards supporting and proposing research directions of ICT topics in Horizon 2020 and in particular of the 5G PPP, e.g. by the preparation of a Strategic Research Agenda and several Whitepapers.

In 2015 a first set of 5G PPP projects started and the cooperation between projects is developing well. In this year another Call for projects – for 5G PPP Phase 2 – will be opened and is planned to close in November this year. Global standardization will start already beginning of the year. The preparation of a Global 5G Event to take place in Europe in autumn 2016 has started.

There will also be changes ahead regarding the Governance Structure and the link between NetWorld2020 and the 5G Infrastructure Association, resulting from the experience in the last 2 years, which should further optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and improve on the opportunity for organisations and stakeholders to get involved in the activities.

The NetWorld2020 event on 19 April 2016 reported about the activities, but also explained future plans and the rationale behind, and as always was a good place for meeting and networking.

Agenda: Download the draft agenda as pdf

Venue: Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre, Rue du Midi, 135, Brussels

Link to presentations for download. Please note that only members can download presentations.


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