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Welcome and EC Introduction on Smart Networks and Services Partnership
Speakers: Bernard Barani (European Commission),
Werner Mohr (Networld2020/Smart Networks Task Force)
EC Introduction on Key Digital Technologies Partnership
Speakers:   Yves Gigase (ECSEL)
European Strategy — Reviving Component and Device Value Chain for Future Networks
Speakers: Björn Ekelund (Ericsson)Colin Willcock (5G-IA)
Technology Deep Dive I — Energy Efficient Computing for Future Networks
Speakers: Jörg-Peter Elbers (ADVA Optical),   Gerd Teepe (T3-Technologies)Carlo Reita (CEA-Leti)
Technology Deep Dive II — Next Frontier for Future Networks: Hardware Security and Novel Devices
Speakers: Werner Haas (Cyberus),    Michael Peeters (IMEC)
Technology Deep Dive III — Radio Technologies for Future Networks
Speakers: Hugo Tullberg (Ericsson),  Stefan Schinder (Infineon),
Wrap up, way forward



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