Celtic-Plus is an industry-driven European research initiative to define, perform and finance through public and private funding common research projects in the area of telecommunications, new media, future Internet, and applications & services focusing on a new “Smart Connected World” paradigm. Celtic-Plus is a EUREKA ICT cluster and is part of the inter-governmental EUREKA network.

       ETSI – European Standards Organisation

Satellite Earth Stations and Systems (TC-SES) of ETSI

The Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster aims to set-up utilisation oriented research-development and innovation cooperation in the field of mobile and multimedia related research-development, which will on the one hand optimise the use of the limited resources available in order to maximise business and social benefit, and on the other hand, will also contribute to the realisation of the medium term scientific, technological and innovation policy strategies of the Hungarian Government.

The EuroAfrica-ICT initiative is a project developed under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission (EC) with the aim to strengthen, develop and support S&T partnerships in the ICT field between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. One of the main activities of this initiative is the definition of a “EU-Africa cooperation framework for S&T in the ICT field” building on and complementing existing programmes, projects and initiatives.

The overall objective of the ISTOK-SOYUZ project is to explore new opportunities for ICT collaboration between EU and Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries and to foster the EU ICT programme awareness activities in order to increase the number of the international collaboration projects involving partners from EECA countries.


Personal Interactive Assistant for Independent Living and Active Ageing

The objective of ALFRED is to develop a personal mobile assistant for elderly people, helping them to stay independent, to coordinate with carers and to foster their social inclusion. ALFRED targets older people as a priority and is fully focused on their needs, providing for a practical and real-world impact.

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