Innovation potential in Future Internet and FIRE programmes and opportunities for SMEs

 In NetSoc Activities

A session at Future Internet Assembly – Athens, 19 March 2014 – organised by NetSoc

How can we identify innovation potential of the Future Internet initiatives (FI-PPP, 5G PPP and FIRE) and where are concrete opportunities for SMEs and start-ups? What is the relation between the initiatives and how can we ensure continuity through the programmes in respect to development of new innovative applications and sustainable business models? How can SMEs get funding and access to testbeds for free to develop their own product?

Further background information about the session is available here.


Introduction, Position of network related PPPs in the research landscape, Expansion phase of the FI-PPP – David Kennedy (Eurescom) / Ilkka Lakaniemi (Aalto University) – CONCORD project
Identifying business opportunities for SMEs and startups in PPP programmes – Jürgen Jähnert (Business initiative Baden-Württemberg: connected) / Alexandra Rudl (EIG project)
Position and opportunities of SMEs in FIRE+ initiative – Jean-Charles Point (JCP-Consult) – FUSION project
5G PPP overview – Didier Bourse (Alcatel-Lucent) / Rahim Tafazolli (University of Surrey) – NetSoc project
The SME perspective – reasons to take part (or not) in Future Internet Programmes, Mirko Ross (Echolot)
Open discussion – all session participants
Wrap-up – Halid Hrasnica (Eurescom) – NetSoc project

Presentations from the event are available at the FIA website.

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