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Joining NetworldEurope is easy and filling the application form takes only a few minutes. Before that, please check in the list of members if your organisation is already a member, and check below if your organisation meets the requirements on NetworldEurope membership. All members are expected to support the mission and vision of the NetworldEurope Platform. Please note that we do not charge any membership fee.

Types of membership

There are two main types of membership, “Full” and “COOP”, see below the criteria which determine to which membership type your organisation does belong.

Full Membership

  • Any legally established corporation and individual firm, partnership, university and research institute,
  • based in a European Member State, Candidate State or Associated Country and
  • supporting the mission and vision of the NetworldEurope Platform

is eligible for applying for membership in NetworldEurope. Each organisation should indicate in its membership application form to which of the three Stakeholder Groups it belongs:

  • Industry (e.g. vendors, operators, content providers, service providers etc.),
  • SMEs or
  • Research domain (universities, R&D centres)

COOP Membership

Any organisation or entity that does not qualify for full membership as detailed above, e.g. government bodies, international organisation or organisations from a region outside of the area required for full membership may apply nevertheless. These organisations can be accepted as COOP (Cooperation) members. As a COOP member the organisation can express their support to the activities of NetworldEurope, contribute to the activities, and will also be able to timely receive news and information from the Platform. COOP members do however not have voting rights in the General Assembly and cannot be elected to the Steering Board or 5G-PPP Association.

General requirements on membership application

Each Full or COOP member organisation can become member with only one entity; additional branches setup in the same or a different country, subsidiaries, holdings etc. do not qualify for separate membership. All members must be reachable via preferably two, but at least one contact person by e-mail. It must be possible to verify the existence of the applicant, e.g. through their webpage or alternatively through the provision of suitable documents. Membership applications are for approval by the Steering Board.

Apply for membership

If you want to become a member of NetworldEurope, please fill in the Membership Application Form. All applicants will be informed about the results. We process membership applications about every three months.

Already existing member? If you want to change the contact person or if another person from your organisation should be subscribed to the members mailing list, just send an email to Tallas).

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