NetworldEurope is a facilitator to establish complementary and cooperating research projects and related activities in the 5G Infrastructure PPP.  NetworldEurope should comprise all stakeholders in the value chain, Member States, and the potential financial community. This includes industry, SMEs, academia, European Commission in a consultancy role, and other potential sources of funding (e.g. European Investment Bank and/or Structural Funds).

The different stakeholders will be represented in different bodies and capacities, as shown in below chart.

ETP platform structure

NetWorld2020 Platform structure

  • General Assembly: Participation for all member organisations.
  • Steering Board: Participation according to an election procedure. The Steering Board composition ensures industry commitment and industry lead.
  • Executive Group: Responsible for the daily work formed out of Steering Board organisations.
  • Expert Advisory Group: Participation of technical experts from academia, SMEs and industry to support the Steering Board. NetworldEurope membership is desirable but not an obligatory prerequisite for participation to this group.
  • Mirror Group: Participation for representatives of public authorities, national and regional bodies.
  • Working Groups: Participation out of NetworldEurope member organisations.

The organisational structure has to ensure:

  • Openness for participation and transparency of information flow and decision making and
  • An efficient management of the activities and the decision making process.

NetworldEurope is a supporting instrument in Horizon 2020 to support the launch of complementary and cooperating projects. It will support also Framework Programme 7 and the remaining projects to ensure continuity in the transition phase towards Horizon 2020 and with previous ETP organisations.

Governance model for download (Revision March 2020)

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