Among the mandates of NetworldEurope, it is key for the ETP to be able to engage with any kinds of stakeholders, from any research, technology or industrial sector, from any geographical region.

Up to now, these open collaborations have mostly taken place in its Expert Advisory Group and in its SME Working Group: the former with a research and innovation focus (and aimed to create the Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas), and the latter with the purpose of involving SMEs and promoting their participation in collaborative research projects and especially in 5G PPP initiatives.

The need has been recently felt to expand this open forum to discussions over the vertical sectors (with respect to the core technologies within the scope of NetworldEurope). This new collaboration area should complement and extend the Vertical Task Force activities with the 5G IA focusing on 5G, along the key directions of NetworldEurope; i.e.:

  • focus on roadmaps, future/long-term requirements, technology and research aspects rather than prototypes and products,
  • extend the discussion and engagement globally
  • Focus on technology enables and disruptive business  transformation aspects

Scope of  the Working Group

  • Technology aspects
    • Exchange/sharing of long term roadmaps from the vertical domains versus communication domain with the view also to evolution beyond-5G and 6G
    • elicitation/exchange of user/func requirements
    • compatibility/integration and transformation of architectures
    • blueprints for common reference points and interfaces
  • Economic aspects
    • contributions for consideration of restructuring of business models in the telco and vertical ecosystem
    • future challenges and markets in the vertical sectors and relationships with communication domain stakeholders

“Horizantolisation” for verticals

Unlike just looking at integration with verticals the Working Group will assume  a “horizontal  view “considering federation of  multiple verticals for new services and businesses and future digital ecosystems and abstractisation of  requirements across families of verticals . However we will also, as part of our work will consider the below verticals (Digital ecosystem)  such as future energy.

Initial set of vertical sectors

The current / near-future set of vertical sectors derives from those defined by the Task Force for the proposal of a new European Partnership on Smart Network & Services. These verticals are sufficiently rooted in the present time to have a good characterization, and, at the same time, are projected towards the short/mid-term future.

Unlike just looking at integration with vertical to take a horizontal  view considering federation of  multiple verticals for new services and businesses and future digital ecosystems . However we will also, as part of our work will consider the below verticals (Digital ecosystem)  such as future energy

The initial list includes:

  • Smart manufacturing (i.e. Industry 4.0 and beyond)
  • Automotive and Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Transport and logistic
  • Public Protection and Disaster Relief
  • Robotics
  • Mining

Chair and Vice Chair

Chairs:  Prof.  Maziar  Nekovee, University of Sussex

Vice-Chair:  Dr. Xulei An,  Huawei European Research Centre, Germany

Task forces

The folllowing  Task Forces have been established as a results of extesnive discusson during  the inageural meeting of the Wokring Group

  • TF 1 Techno-economics and telco and verticals business disruption/evolution aspects,
    TF Leads:: Raffaele de Peppe, Giovanni Frattinii
    Telco and verticals business disruption/evolution aspects -> download document here

  • TF 2 on Enabling technologies for  (vertical) ecosystem  transformation and federation,
    TFLeads Xueli An, Rui Aguiar
    Transversal communication technologies innovations and related impact in multiple ecosystems -> download document here


2021-07-14: Webinar on “Enabling Technologies and Requirements for Future Rail Transport Vertical”. See the video recording here. Link to webpage here.

2021-01-28: 5G for SmartManufacturing Webinar, co-organised by the Vertical WG. Link to the webpage here

2020-10-21: First  of a series of events with vertical stakeholders, Driving innovation in healthcare with 5G and Smart Networks, October 22nd
Watch the video here

White Papers

November 2023: The Working Group on Enabling Technologies for Future Vertical Ecosystem Transformation has concluded the first of a series of planned whitepapers, creating the framework for reflections on the vertical markets. The whitepaper, “Technologies & Standards to Enable Vertical Ecosystem Transformation in 6G”, is an essential initial read for organizations looking to capitalize on the disruptive potential of 6G technology. The findings of this paper will provide valuable insights for industry stakeholders, policy makers and researchers, and in particular those looking to unlock the potential of 6G in transforming the future vertical ecosystem.

The whitepaper is available at here

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