5th Usage Areas Workshop

 In NetSoc Activities

Future Internet – Enabling opportunities for vertical application sectors

Brussels on 3 April 2014 – collocated with ECFI – European Conference on the Future Internet

The session aims at cultivating a common discussion between the stakeholders from ICT and vertical application sectors using, and planning to use, the services and facilities of the future communications network infrastructures. For example, the addressed vertical sectors include, but are not limited to: Energy, Smart Cities, Transport, Tourism, Agriculture, Health, and Manufacturing. Besides addressing and discussion the needs of the big industry players in these application sectors, the session will focus particularly on the role of innovative SMEs, their areas of interests, and opportunities to participate.

This workshop session follows the successfu lFuture Internet usage area workshops, organised by FP7 projects EX-FI and NetSoc in 2010, 2011, and 2012. A key theme of the sessionm will be to identify the opportunities for supported ICT cross-sector collaborative research in FI-PPP Phase 3 and planned Open Calls for developers of innovative applications. The workshop will also address related opportunities for SMEs and further industry and academic players in the European research and innovation programmes Horizon 2020 and Celtic-Plus.

Agenda and presentatios are available on the ECFI website

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