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March 2023 update of the 5G PPP stakeholders pictures and glossary

Under the coordination of the 6GStart Coordination and Support Action, and thanks to contributions from 5G PPP projects and Working Groups, as well as 6G-IA and NetworldEurope Working Groups and (Steering) Boards, and of the 5G-I Steering Board, we are pleased to present you the updated (final) 5G PPP stakeholder pictures and related glossary.

The latest revision was from April 2020. It did not consider most of the 5G PPP Phase 3 projects, nor the evolving 5G context and the transition to SNS. Another novelty of those new pictures, and the accompanying glossary, is that the pictures are now split into three: the “5G PPP provisioning ecosystem” includes all stakeholders involved in technological development around 5G and beyond; the “5G PPP user ecosystem” includes all stakeholders who are using 5G  technologies; and, finally, “5G PPP ecosystem interactions” shows all stakeholders who facilitate the interactions between developers and users.

This will be the final 5G PPP revision. The next revision will look into SNS and will be performed by the SNS OPS CSA, in due time.

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