2nd Fed4FIRE Competitive Call Innovative Experiments & Additional Experimentation Facilities

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The Fed4FIRE project has announced its 2nd competitive call on  Innovative Experiments & Additional Experimentation Facilities. The Call is divided into three parts looking for the three types of proposals:

  • Fed4FIRE-2 – Part A1     Industrial Experimenters
  • Fed4FIRE-2 – Part A2     NON-Industrial Experimenters
  • Fed4FIRE-2 – Part B       Facility Provider

Submission deadline: 2 July 2014, at 17:00 Brussels local time

More details on the Call can be found in the Call document or on the Fed4FIRE project website.

Call information:

  • Project full name: Fed4FIRE: Federation for FIRE
  • Project grant agreement number: 318389
  • Call identifier: Fed4FIRE-2



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