NetworldEurope is the new incorporation of the European Technology Platform (ETP) for communications networks and services, the follow-up of NetWorld2020 to follow the European changing policies as stated in Horizon Europe. Communications networks and services enable interaction between users of various types of equipment, either mobile or fixed, to fulfil society’s requirements for interconnection. They are the foundation of the Internet and of our digital society. NetworldEurope ETP gathers players in the communications systems sector: industry leaders, innovative SMEs, and leading academic institutions, thus reaching out to a significant part of the European ICT community.

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New White Paper from NetworldEurope

The Working Group on Enabling Technologies for Future Vertical Ecosystem Transformation has concluded the first of a series of planned whitepapers, creating the framework for reflections on the vertical markets. The whitepaper, "Technologies & Standards to Enable Vertical Ecosystem Transformation in 6G", is an essential initial read for organizations looking to capitalize on the disruptive…...

4th Vision of Future Communications Summit, 7-8 November 2023, Lisbon

Vision of Future Communications Summit ( is a top-quality research workshop, oriented to identify key research areas in information and communication technologies in the mid-future of 7 to 10 years. It will follow from the previous event held in 2017, 2019, and 2021, considering that by 2030 6G will be reaching the market. Given the…...

Workshop: Future Optical Networks, 21 September 2023

Future Optical Networks Workshop, 21 September 2023         Rationale and Objectives “Future Optical Networks” is the central theme in a workshop organized on the morning of the 21st September, by NetworldEurope, in a joint effort with CCSA, which will host its onsite component in Shanghai (afternoon, local time). The…...

🗓 Thursday, 23rd of November 2023
🕚 14.00 – 15.30 CET
🌐 ONLINE WEBINAR: SNS-OPS Survey Results on Technical, Vision and Market aspects of Phase 1 SNS Projects
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🚀 Exciting #News in Tech! 🌐 The 5th Generation Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) has been at the forefront of #5G Mobile Telecoms research since 2014 under the European Commission's #Horizon2020. 📡🌍

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